The Business Strategy Design Tool #BetaTest - Resources

The Business Strategy Design Tool #BetaTest - Resources

The Strategy design tool is completely customizable by you; it takes the core strategic concepts of your business and builds it into a strategy model that you then turn into a 3D model

[LINK to APP] The Business Strategy Design Tool - Digital A.M.P.S

There are 4 interconnected triangles that form the basis of your digital business strategy. They are based on the concepts of Audience, Method, Process, and Story. FIRST, watch the explainer video to show you how it all fits together.

[LINKEDIN INSTRUCTIONS] #BetaTest How to Build Your Business Strategy - A Customisable, DIY Strategy Tool

First off, thank you for helping me with the beta test of this new strategy tool web app and output that I am developing. If you're just landing on this page randomly by clicking a link to get here (not sent by me, or one of my posts or emails), or w...

[BOOK AN INFO/TRAINING SESSION] The Business Strategy Design Tool #BetaTest - Intro Training

These group training sessions are for the design strategy & marketing tool beta testers only. I'm testing out the strategy design tool that I've built to help you create your own DIY Business Strategy Model. This app allows you to design & build a strategy model for your business, yourself.

[BOOK A ONE-ON-ONE] - 30 Minute Digital Roadmap Breakthrough - Doyle Buehler

We'll cut through the clutter and get to the core of how to grow your business online to get your focus, freedom and fans!