DS-510: FRAME 5 - Strategic Website Planning Canvas I - VIEW By Doyle Buehler 2019 03 09

Project: ____________________________ DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER Who are they? What do they do? What identifies them from others? What are they looking for? What has conflicted them previous? “LOCATION” Where do they reside? What kind of “dwelling”? E...

DS-512: FRAME 5 - Strategic Website Planning Canvas II - VIEW By Doyle Buehler

Project: _________________________ DESCRIBE YOUR WEBSITE PURPOSE & GOALS In your mind, what is the purpose of your website? What is your primary Business Goal of your website? “EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT” What Feelings and emotions do you want your site visitors to hav...

DS-514: FRAME 5 - Strategic Website Planning Canvas III - PUBLISHED By Doyle Buehler

Project: _________________________ WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS MODEL? How do you currently generate revenue for your business? SALES PROCESS What current sales process do you have, if even a ‘loose’ ‘process’? Describe what you sell and how you sell it WHAT ST...


What's your digital business advantage? #Breakthrough is about creating digital transformation with key insights for business owners on strategic digital marketing, social selling, digital workflows and the disciplines of digital leadership. Many businesses and entrepreneurs have lost the real focus on what is really important about their business online. They're uncertain on how to create influence and how to deliver their unique brand value. Do you know what to do next, online, to propel your business forward?

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